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Regardless of the complexity of the project, we select the latest high quality lighting equipment designed for long-term operation.
Equipment selection
Installation work

We investigate objects at any stage, carry out electrical and lighting measurements, pre-project surveys and formulate tasks for design.

Lighting concept

We develop a scientifically based concept of energy-efficient and ergonomic lighting, depending on the purpose of the space, create an aesthetically attractive lighting design and comfortable conditions for work and leisure, taking into account the nature of the environment, as well as the impact on people's emotions and mood.

3D visualization

We present options for full-color 3D visualization of the project for detailed coordination of all the nuances and approval of the selected electrical equipment and lighting scenario.

Lighting project with selection of equipment

We select lighting equipment taking into account the characteristics of the object, the tasks set and the budget, make recommendations for choosing the optimal type of lighting, offer possible design solutions and ways to implement the project.

We calculate the level of illumination taking into account GOSTs and SNiPs in the DIALux evo program from Dial GmbH, calculate the required number of lighting elements and present a detailed project with illumination diagrams.

Lighting control system project and equipment selection

We offer options for lighting control, we select the optimal equipment for DALI systems for manual and automatic light control, we mark the placement of motion and light sensors, and due to the use

Electrical project

We draw up the project documentation necessary to supply power to the facility and connect lighting control systems in accordance with safety standards, calculate the load on the network, select the brand, type and section of the cable.

We determine the complete set of control panels and power supply, draw up connection diagrams, agree on the specification for electrical products and selected materials.